Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"精彩之夜“ - Publicity On Full Swing

“精彩之夜” literally means "Night of Excellence". This district fellowship night of MAF of Sibu East District is set to gather the adult fellowshippers together for an evening of joy and praise!

Part of the publicity is to print posters for putting up in the 16 churches in Sibu East District. These freshly oven-baked posters are sponsored by brother Thomas Thien. Many thanks, Thomas!

Brother Leng Kieh volunteered to get the posters printed and send them out to the 16 churches.

If you have not made up your mind yet, I challenge you to set the evening aside for "Night of Excellence".

The committee met last night to finalise the details of "精彩之夜“。

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Anonymous said...

I was in Guardian when somebody was shouting away " promotion ! promotion ! " This made me remember your publicity thingy. The most important thing is to please God rather than human beings. You all can be very excellent but it is meaningless if your brothes and sisters are hurting and you all do not know. Sibu has a lot of broken families. They look nice outwardly but inwardly it is a hellish mess.