Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How To Spot A Get Rich Quick Scheme ( 快速致富)

How to Spot a Get Rich Quick Scheme

There is one simple rule to spotting get rich quick scams, no matter whether they are sales oriented, money investing, or other things. That is, the proposal seems too good to be real. Believe your instincts, because they are right.Take this case for example at CBS News:
An infomercial huckster was promising that if you sold just 20 bottles of his vitamins, they'd send you $1,000. What they didn't say, is they were actually selling you a website for your initial fee, from which you would then have to promote and sell the vitamins. And then they would charge you for various incidentals to increase your traffic, none of which are guaranteed to get results. There was no thousand dollars just for selling 20 bottles of vitamins, because few of his members sold that many.How about the ones that claim they can drive traffic to your website so you too can make $5 million dollars a month, like XYZ.com (or any website they bring out of thin air)? Often, when you see claims like that, the named site may have no idea they are being used in a scam. Or else, it belongs to the same person trying to sell you search engine rankings. Basically all you will get is your name submitted to a list of search engines, with no guarantee of traffic. And even the biggest search engines, like Google & Yahoo, already tell you search engine submission is not necessary. So prevalent is the boom in these schemes that the FTC mounted a massive, worldwide sweep of Internet sites in coordination with other countries and organizations, to identify and charge, if possible, the organizers.For some good information on current and past scams, and how to spot or deal with them, visit these sites below:http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2000/03/rich.htm
Even just those two examples, barely scratch the surface. Even though it's cliche, remember this:
"If It's Too Good to be True...It Is."
Recommendations for Making Money Legitimately Online
Always, remember if you want to make money online, it's going to take some hard work and dedication. If you would like to learn more about starting a legitimate online business, claim your free Make Your Site Sell Ebook and Dr. Ken Evoy will walk you through the steps to building a legitimate online business.
But What if You Need Money Now?
Many people try to find income opportunities online because they need to earn money quickly. They don't really have the time to build a business or wait for results.
Other people just don't want to start an online business and don't feel their cut out for business ownership. That is completely understandable, and there plenty of legitimate ways to earn an income from home - you just have to make your own opportunities. For help finding legitimate and good paying work online, please read the article entitled But I Need to Make Money Now: How to Work from Home.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the warning. But without money, there is no talk. Money is power. Money is more powerful than knowledge. So what if you have good education but those without education can make bigger money than you ? They have a name, they have popularity, they have respect. That is why these days many are chasing after bigger money. If not why you think they want to get certificate after certificate ? It is not education. It is the money that comes with education. Therefore we have to be honest and get our focus right. It is not easy to find a decent person these days. Again, thanks again for the warning. God Bless You and your honesty. Good night from Kota Kinabalu.