Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MAF of Sibu East District - District Ping-Pong Competition 2010 - Part 3 (Final)

The picture shows Wong Tieng Kieng of The Masland Church receiving the second runner-up prize from DS Rev. Wong.
The fouth place went to Zion Church. The team leader is seen receiving cash prize from DS Rev. Wong.

Xin Fu Yuan Church snatched the championship. It was an all-smile moment when the prize was handed over.

A rare opportunity to have a group photo with the umpire team. Without their untiring and faithful service, we would not have been able to run the competition with ease. May God bless them!

Sing Ang Tong Church ended up the runner-up.

Sing Ang Tong Church team posed for a group photo with DS Rev. Wong.

The champion team stood proud with DS Rev. Wong.

The competition went into its final rounds tonight with Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church, The Masland Methodist Church, Zion Methodist Church and Sing Ang Tong Methodist competing against each other.

The final fights were close. As such, they were somewhat nerve-racking. The cheering squads fuelled up the excitement, making the whole place a lot more lively.

The results were released to nobody's surprise. The championship went to Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church. The first runner-up was Sing Ang Tong Methodist Church. The third place was taken by The Masland Methodist Church with the fouth place going to Zion Methodist Church.

We invited DS Rev. Wong Koi Foh to give a prayer to close off the competition.


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The Rev Wong has a male model's good smile....wonderful poster smile!

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