Monday, July 12, 2010

MAF of Sibu East District - District Ping-Pong Competition 2010 - Part 2

Rev. Paw Kiew Sieng represented Tian En Methodist Church to join in the fun!
Rev. Chieng Tai Ming struck off to call it a start!

Sia Yuk Ming led the singing at the opening.

The players lined up at the start.

This evening finally descended when we met to compete in District Ping Pong Competition 2010 at Sibu Ping Pong Stadium. As said earlier, we managed to register 10 teams to take part which was encouraging.

The venue for the event is ideal. Our heartfelt thanks go to Sibu Ping Pong Association for the use of the stadium and assistance in competition arrangement including umpire service. Let's give them a big hurray!

Rev. Chieng Tai Ming was invited open the competition. In his address, he advised the players to compete in good brotherly spirit. Rev. Chieng then moved on to have a few strokes to kick off the event.

The evening was fun-filled and we witnessed prevailing friendly atmosphere . At times when the matches escalated to their heights, lots of laughters and cheers erupted. The cheering squads made the night a lot more exciting.

The four MAFs that made way to the quarter-final are The Masland Church, Xin Fu Yuan church , Zion Church and Sing Ang Tong Church.

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