Monday, May 3, 2010

Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu (唐崇栄萬人佈道會) - Part 16

Pray to God to prepare for us the target groups, equip Sibu Christians with divine power to break through all barriers and evil designs that block people to come to know God. Pray that the hearts of Sibuians may be softened, that they be moved to come to the rally, and that they be touched to repent.

The photo shows the scene of 1 Malaysia Night at Sibu Town Square. Pray hard that the town square be filled up during the rally.

Faithful God, teach us to trust you in every circumstance. even in the midst of doubt,, help us to place ourselves in your care and under your watchful eyes. Amen

Photo: Steve Ling


Anonymous said...

The newspaper said Tony Hii got the nomination form!

Tony Hii said...

Ha! You are a great joker! Anyway, thank you for the light moment amidst non-stop in-coming calls asking for hotel rooms!

Anonymous said...

It was not a joke, as reported by United.

Tuesday, 04 May 2010 08:28


根据诗巫国席补选选举官兼县公署县长王是盟今午接受《联合日报》电话询问时透露,该名前往购买提名表格的人士是一名华人,名为TONNY HII。 无须候选人亲自前往购买






Tony Hii said...

He might be my cousin brother!

天鵝江畔 said...

Tony Hii, if u nominate as the candidate our tea gang will fully support u..

Tony Hii said...

The going gets interesting......