Wednesday, May 5, 2010

P.212 Sibu By-Election - Part 7

It was a meet-Facebook- friends dinner organised by Cr. Robert Lau at Kawan Hotel this evening. Although the gathering was small, it was a nice chat over some authentic local delicacies.
As expected, there was quite a fair bit of voicing out about the whole political system. It boiled down to a sharp question: A two-party system or a BN-concept system?
Cr. Robert Lau then expounded on his political aspirations and his views on BN-concept system. In his sharing, Cr. Robert Lau exhibited sincerity and deep commitment to serve rakyat and bring about desirable changes.
This by-election is very crucial. Let us stay rational and avoid acting hotheadedly!


Anonymous said...

After this dinner, all the gentlemen will have to vote for SUPP. This is a good way to get the supporters by first doing a little service. In Sibu culture, such bribes are of the form of kampua and kopi-o.

Tony Hii said...

By-election is one of the occasions when our imagination tends to run a bit wild!

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

I have a dream for Sibu:
Free education for all
Better job opportunity
Abolish bumiputra privileges (fair to all races, since we are
1Malaysia, implement it)
Bring down corruptions
Foster local talents
Walk the talk
Leader of the states, country and coomunity to lead by example
Religion (individual moral & values) and politics (govern & protect the society, a system in place for the good of the nations and as a collective, forward thinking for the nation) should never mix
Build one iconic project and bring in the tourist

Anonymous said...