Monday, February 1, 2010

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 51

In response to Councillor Robert Lau's views on the next developmental cycle for Sibu, Tan Kee Hian offered his personal opinions in respect of the points being raised. Kee Hian's reply was posted to MPI Forum Website. I reproduce it herebelow for the benefits of more of my readers.

Robert,It's really good to see your article, sharing your personal dream and vision for Sibu. Chang Yi (Sarawakiana2), among others, has posted many excellent ideas and comments, and she must have felt rather "lonely". Rather than comment directly on your thoughtful ideas now, I hope your article provides further encouragement to those who have logged on to this blog to also contribute their own ideas and views. Of course, I hope more people will log on to this and Tony Hii's blog as a result of the interesting postings. To those you are shy, rest assured that there are no right answers and no one has the monopoly of good ideas. I do want to comment on the final sentence of Robert - "All the above industries require plenty of capital, time, energy and the willingness to take risk. Can Sibu take up the challenge?" I don't think Sibu has any choice but to take up the challenge. From where we (Sibu) are today, a sunset city/town, business-as-usual will undoubtedly take us beyond sunset, towards oblivion! The risk to the citizens of Sibu, of doing nothing is far greater than any risk associated with change. To me the challenge is not in finding the right ideas and strategies, but in mobilising the leaders of Sibu (from business, political, community, religious, etc) to step up to the plate. I am confident we can succeed if we have with the right leadership and the political will. How can we encourage those people in positions of power, influence and financial wealth to create a brighter future for Sibu? What can we do to motivate them to get out of their comfort zone? I believe the citizens of Sibu have voiced their concerns with the current trend, and nothing much have changed. I have now made three public attempts in the last 12 months to "stir the pot" and will raise the temperature further. Trust me to do it! We also need ideas on how to mobilise resources for Sibu. This need not necessarily be restricted to people currently in Sibu, but includes people living and working outside Sibu - anyone who cares about Sibu! Regards,Kee Hian
The picture shows a light moment we were sharing with Tan Kee Hian at Cafe Palmelia of Premier Hotel. Picture: Liong

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Sarawakiana@2 said...

I see that Sibu is going to get "Giant" and a new township all with the blessings of the politicians! Hope it is a good attempt.

If some community leaders can go around the schools to talk to students in school may be they can find out how "worried" most of them are. While some of course have their future mapped out by their rich parents already.

If we say 50 % amongst the PMR are hardly able to read and write what will this say about the future? This figure used to be 30% in the "Wastage Findings" in the 70's.

More research in education system is needed...many of our politicians have introduced too many "flash in the pan" ideas and then one whole generation is gone.

Remember the Chinese saying that education is like planting a tree...but too many of our politicians keep pulling out the trees when they see newer plants..or add artificial fertilizers until the plants die or become deformed.

Hope the good and able ones can do something for all.....