Friday, January 29, 2010

Markets Will Tank Any Day Now!

The renowned investment guru Jim Rogers has another tip for investors like you and me. Wait for a moment or two if you have chosen to cast this post aside rightaway. Spend a precious minute of yours to have a quick read of the following extract of a report by Julie Crawshaw.

Global equities are "vulnerable to correction" after rallying from their March lows and as governments around the world withdraw stimulus measures, says investor Jim Rogers."We're overdue for a correction" Rogers says. "Stock markets around the world have been going up for the past 10 months," he told Bloomberg.Also, Rogers says central banks need to tighten the money supply further.“I don’t think anybody has tightened enough. I think everybody should tighten more," he notes. “We have huge amounts of money printed throughout the world. It’s going to cause currency instability. It’s going to cause more inflation. It’s going to cause higher interest rates.”The Congressional Budget Office has called the U.S. budget outlook "bleak," in a forecast that hurts the chances for extending Bush-era tax cuts and raises pressure for fiscal belt-tightening, The Wall Street Journal reports.

I have personally benefited tremendously from the insights and foresight of Jim Rogers.

Have a good day!
Sibuians now call Rajang River a yellow river. Behind the scene is some sad truth. Photo: Meng Lei or Steve Ling (I lost the source record)


Anonymous said...

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Tony Hii said...

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