Sunday, January 10, 2010

How Are You, Mate?

Pre-Departure Briefing Cum Fellowship grouped together some 60 plus students and parents for a shoulder-rubbing time at Premier Hotel on January 10 at 2:00 pm. It was pretty much a get-to-know-you session in an informal way.

The turnout was encouraging enough for SAGA Central to move on to organise another one next year.

Dr. Hu Chang Hock kicked off the afternoon with an Australian slang: G' Day! How are you, mate?

That sounded familiar and it echoed in my ears for a while. A sea of memories of my life at Monash University, Australia then flew back to me and I indulged completely in the old times for a few moments before I woke up to Dr. Hu's introductory talk.

Vincent Lau then took over the stage to give his address. In his usual scholarly style, he tipped the freshies off with pointers. Vincent Lau also chipped in with some humour to send the audience to laughters.

We then posed for a family photo (in the exact words of Dr. Hu) before proceeding to break-up into groups according to states for sharing of information/life experiences.

It was a good two-hour chit-chat over some snacks and hot beverages. From the response we gathered, it was a fruitful session and it helped the first-timers.


Photo: Roger Tiong of See hua Daily News


Daniel said...

The term "mate" sounds so gay.
Haha...I would rather use dude or buddy.

Tony Hii said...

Daniel, that is Australian.