Saturday, January 9, 2010

Allen Going For National Service

The 4th of January took Allen onto a new journey leading him to an exciting arena of life experience - National Service.

When Allen and his buddies learned of their selection for NS months ago, they wrote in to the National Service Department requesting for preference of batch and camp. The department responded with a courtesy reply, asking them to check on the department's website in due course.

When the postings came out, they all didn't get what they wished for. Instead of Sibu, they were destined for Bintulu. Nontheless, it was still a wow since Similajau Camp is fascinating in many ways. They decided to take it.

Sibu Town Square was a bustling place where all the trainees assembled for embarkation and going off. The whole of the place was jam-packed under scorching sun. Yian was there to see Allen off.

Some junior youth fellowshippers of Hwai Ang Methodist Church turned out to give Allen morale support and give him a much-needed cheer!

I have always admired uniformed training with strict discipline. I am sure NS which is essentially paramilitary service would be a good exposure for Allen.


Photo source: United Daily News

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Bengbeng said...

This is so exciting and yet if it were me, i would dread to leave my kid alone for so long... guess there has to come a point where we all have to let go and let them experience life away from us parents