Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sibu In The blue Ocean - Part 7

Putting in a nutshell, the dreams/visions that Tan Kee Hian formulated for Sibu are as follows:
1. Home for our educated and talented sons and daughters.
2. Magnet for aspiring young people coming here to fulfill their dreams.
3. Recognised as a Centre of Excellence.
4. Dynamic and intellectually stimulating society.
5. Healthy and thriving society, by day and by night.
6. Continuous renewal and re-invention of all areas of economic, social and spiritual endeavours.
Allow me to sidetrack here a little bit before we proceed further with Kee Hian's talk.
Touching on dreams and visions as propounded by Tan Kee Hian, we tend to quiz ourselves about how likely it is for the dreams to come true.
A success case in Singapore may help to inspire us towards thinking more positively.
"The Cleaning Up of Singapore River" was a classic dream -come- true in the island nation. PM Lee Kuan Yew made a vision statement to the nation to turn the polluted Singapore River into a clean and attractive tourist spot in 10 years' time. The vision was given on 27 February 1977 and within the time frame specified, Singapore did it.
PM Lee Kuan Yew's concise vision statement carried weight and strength:
"It should be a way of life to keep the water clean, to keep every stream, every culvert, every rivulet, free from unnecessary pollution. In ten years let us have fishing in the Singapore River and fishing in Kallang River. It can be done."
Singapore River and Sibu may not be comparable in many aspects. But it is the good execution power , high efficiency and forward-looking quality of the Singapore leaders that we really have to reflect upon and emulate.
We should read PM Lee Kuan Yew's statements at the commencement and conclusion of "The Cleaning Up of Singapore River" project with deep thinking and relate them to "Sibu In The Blue Ocean".
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Anonymous said...

Let's invite him to become Mayor of Sibu

Konpunboyong said...

What Sarawak needs is a politician like LKY but,sadly, we only have termites.

Anonymous said...

We need to get Sarawak out like what Singapore did 50 odd years ago... Sadly, no one dare to voice out.

Tony Hii said...

konpunboyong, anonymous, we have a lot to learn from Indonesia and Thailand now, besides Singapore. Either Indonesia or Thailand is likely to fill up the fifth place of BRIC.