Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 3

Whenever it comes to talking about the prospects of Sibu and what it holds for our future, Sibuians are swamped with frustrating questions. There is so much uncertainty hovering over Sibu that our future looks hopelessly bleak.

Tan Kee Hian said Sibu is obviously sloping down in the present developmental cycle. Confronting us now are the pressing need to get Sibu into a new cycle of development.

In connection with this, Kee Hian put to the audience some thought-provoking questions to spur them into giving deeper thinking:-

1. Is "Business-as-usual" acceptable?
2. If not, how to formulate a compelling future state?
3. Strategic choices for the future?
4. How to transform Sibu and enter a new developmental cycle?
5. Who will lead and execute the transformation of Sibu?

The speaker then struck the audience with 10 Blue Ocean ideas (5 strategies and 5 key capabilities) to take Sibu to the next cycle of development.

Before proceeding to the 10 Blue Ocean ideas, Tan Kee Hian dealt with the mindset of Sibuians. This is crucial in our next step.

The speaker challenged Sibuians to dare to dream. These dreams are "a cherished ambition or ideal" and not "a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occuring in a person's mind during sleep".

If we contemplate to gear Sibu to the next cycle of development, we have to be daring enough to dream.

The picture shows the news coverage of the public forum in The Borneo Post.


Daniel Yiek said...

One of the new potential development is to encourage local tour operators to tie up with ships to offer a lower cost alternative to the Pandaw luxury cruise up the Rejang to grow the ecotourism market.

eg: In Yangtze River, there are many types of cruises to cater to different segments of the market.

Tony Hii said...

Daniel, thank you for dropping by. Perhaps Rajang River needs some clean-up for the environment-conscious tourists to be attracted here.