Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 2

Tan Kee Hian then moved on to take the audience on a Blue Ocean journey of Sibu. The gists were to focus on strategic ideas and bring capabilities together with a long-term view to better develop Sibu.

Kee Hian explored the subject basing on his extensive global experience in strategic planning and first-hand knowledge at the Federal level. His sheer love for Sibu drove him to come to share with the fellow Sibuians.

The sluggishness of the development in Sibu has been a burning issue. Calling it a trigger event, the as-is developmental status of Sibu is characterised by:-

1. Sibu has been called a slumbering giant.
2. A sunset town.
3. We are still indulged in the past glories.
4. Sibu has been hollowed out (the young elite group is leaving).
5. We are left with the crumbs. Even the Federal government has left out Sibu.
6. Sibu has been dubbed a cowboy town.

In the present development cycle of Sibu, we are at a declining stage.

Therefore, what are of utmost concern to Sibuians are: What is the next development cycle of Sibu? Where do we go from here? Is it business-as-usual?

The picture shows Dato' Seri Wong Soon Koh giving an opening address. Photo: Terrence Tan of MPI


chouchou said...

Tony. Thanks for the write-up.
It's so refreshing to read your comments and reflections on the talk. I hope more people will engage in discussion on this topic esp on the 10 Ideas expounded by Kee Hian.
Is there the possibility for your blog to be linked to our blog.?
So far there is no comment coming in yet at discuz.sarawakmethodist.org
We are setting up MPI's own blog in a few days' time.It will be more convenient and easier for people to get in. I also reading your other articles.
Keep going.

Tony Hii said...

Judy, I will give publicity about discuz.sarawakmethodist.org in my blog. I am going to give a full coverage of Kee Hian's talk.

Tony Hii said...

Judy, I have just linked discuz.sarawakmethodist.org to my blog under "Sibu in The blue Ocean". I will do a write-up to encourage the readers to give comments.

chouchou said...

Thanks Tony. Really appreciate your contribution on this.Judy

chouchou said...

Tony. I saw the first response from Kotoko in Mandarin. I can get the gist of what he said or asked about. I was thinking of responding in English but I got stuck cos I couldn't get in or rather I could not understand the instructions so not sure where to click.
Am really anxious for our own blog to be set-up hopefully in Englsih or should it be bilingual?

Tony Hii said...

Judy, the blog can be bilingual.