Friday, November 13, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 12

Before going into detail, Tan Kee Hian outlined four caveats on Blue Ocean Strategies for Sibu:

1. These are preliminary ideas based on broad understanding of Sibu and experience from other similar situations (Malaysia, Singapore and other similar cases).
2. The ideas are intended to be provocative and to stimulate interests, discussions and reality checks.
3. The innovation journey and capability-building are just as important as the final outcome of the journey.
4. A learning curve in innovation
-Initially building the necessary platforms and capabilities.
-Before pushing for the Blue Ocean ideas.
Build on these ideas, constructively.

Basically, Sibuians need a change in mindset before getting on board for a Blue Ocean journey. Tan Kee Hian called on the audience to break the Do Good- Make Money Tradeoff.

1. Genuine Blue Oceans deliver:
-Value for customers
-Value for stakeholders
2. Commercially-viable propositions.....
3. .....that generate economic and social development.
4. Possibly longer-term investment horizon.

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