Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 11

Singapore achieved a huge Blue Ocean success from 60's to 80's. The island-state walked a few steps ahead of the neighbouring nations, taking the country to greater prosperity.

Sibu is trapped in Red Ocean box. To get out of it, we need a mentality change and a lot of hard thinking:

1. Be innovative in thinking
2. Brainstorming
3.How to do differently?
4. What are the boundaries of the Red Ocean box?

Tan Kee Hian identified 6 paths that define the boundaries of Red Ocean box. The 6 paths also form a framework for creating Uncontested Market Space:

1. Alternative industries
2. Strategic groups within industries
3. The chain of buyers
4. Complementary products & service offerings
5. Emotional appeal to buyers
6. Time and trends

Having regarded Sibu as in Red Ocean presently, Tan Kee Hian noted the following strategies of Sibu:

1. "Vanilla" university colleges
2. Niche eco-tourism
3. Little Foochow
4. Industrial parks
5. Traditional farming and plantations
6. Timber and primary industries
7. Shopping centres

Photo: Liong

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