Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hwai Ang Methodist Church - Fund-Raising Sales For Church Extension Project

At the pork stall, we bought some pig liver. The butchers were quite skilled in their job. The attendants hawked hard to get brisk nusiness.
Ha! James Su turned into a fishmonger today.

Dumplings station was where you could not afford to miss!

It was jam-packed in the food court. This makeshift eatery did brisk business!
It was almost full-house!The table turnover was fast! We encountered a hard time to get a seat.
The food counter was manned by some courteous sisters.
We grabbed an opportunity to have a shot.
Wow! The wonderful bananas made their way to the sales function also.
The DJ station was where the atmosphere of the food court was being kept lively.
The live cooking station.
Mitsu Tea House came in as a sponsor.

Hwai ang Methodist church held a charity sales function this morning within the church compound for the purpose of raising funds for the proposed church extension project. I brought Yian along with my mother-in-law to partake of the grand sales.

Upon reaching the venue, I was amazed by the huge crowds that bustled the whole place. We almost had to throng to get nearer to the stalls. It was simply jam-packed!

The sales presented a diverse range of mercandise. In fact, it was so wide in spread that you could hardly come out empty-handed.

We made a round of the place, stopping here and there to pick up our favourites. It was quite fun time buying for good cause.

Then we stopped at the food court (a makeshift eatery) where a variety of foods and beverages were served. Without a further thought, we decided to take our breakfast there. From mouth-watering kampua to aromatic 3-in-1 hot coffee, the food court truly pampered the customers with extensive menu, all at thumb-up quality in twerms of taste. The friendly waiters and waitresses put to practice courteous service with a smile to render a very heart-warming service. They deserve a word of praise!
The sales function was perhaps one of the best organised church sales I have ever come across. From merchandise to courteous services, the event reflected thoughtful planning and one-heart joint efforts by the church members for the good cause of God's work. I was very much impressed when three BB boys came forward as porters to help us with the merchandise. The organising committee really gave attention and thought to all minute aspects.
The sales function was really a job well done! May God continue to bless you!
Hwai Ang Methodist Church had had a similar sales function two years ago on Oct. 13, 2007. I gave a thumb up to it also!


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes even at a Church sale PR is so important from the door man to the farewell bade by kindly porters and car park attendants.
In hospitality industry every link is an important asset..(an a possible liability!!)

I am sure the committees all did excellent work.
Glory to God.

jingpengboy said...

great to see fund-raising sales. we work hard, we donate hard, we help each other hard and we emphasize a lot on education, religion & health. Thank God!

hrgottlieb said...

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