Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Scorching Sibu!

A hazy Jalan Lanang. I snapped it from the roof top of Premier Hotel.

The haze condition at Jalan Ulu Sg. Merah early in the morning.

The air in Sibu has been filled with stinking smell of open-air burning. Coupled with the drought hit, the temperature here has shot up sky-high, making Sibu scorching hot. This has been going on for days and according to DCM Tan Sri Dr. George Chan, the spell of intense heat is likely to drag on for two more months.
See Hua Daily News reported that the API (Air Pollutant Index) reached 166 in Sibu yesterday. This was far above unhealthy level.
The tar smell of the air has been irritating and alarming. Our state of air condition calls for deep concern about our environmental protection.
The school compound of SMK Sg. Merah was bad too.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Tony - you are lucky to have a bird's eye view to take such photos...Miri is just as bad...
May be tomorrow I will go and take some photos but I am suffering from asthma at the moment...just advised to stay at home and drink lots of fluids.
You take care too...Hope the haze will be blown away and every one will breathe easy...
God bless.

向日葵啊伯 said...

God help Borneo!

Tony Hii said...

arawakiana, I hope you would get over your asthmatic attack soon. The hazy condition is really irritating.

Our friend far away in Canada, thank you for your concern.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God ! Looks like one of those China big polluted cities. If people do not know, they will say this is China. Don't forget the H1N1 disease that has come to Sibu town. Somebody with the ties, please tell Datuk Wong Soon Koh, tell Vincent Goh, tell Daniel Ngieng, tell Datuk Robert Lau, tell Datuk George Chan, tell Chief Minister Taib...to do something