Thursday, June 4, 2009

The 9Th Methodist Convention - The Future Of Sarawak From A Christian Perspective - Part 1

Mr. Tan Kee Hian delivered a topical talk this morning at the 9th Methodist Convention held in The Masland Methodist Church. Being professional in the field of strategic planning, Kee Hian's address was highly relevant to Sarawak and specifically for christians to provoke their thinking in their endeavours to seek transforming the nation through spreading scriptural holiness.

Sarawakians are certainly all concerned with what our dear state holds for us. Are the outlooks gloomy or can we actually be hopeful? Alas, if we let politicians do a quick run-down on the prospects, things are all pretty optimistic.

Time is just perfectly right for us to get someone like Mr. Tan Kee Hian, a renowned expert in this field, to come to enlighten us on the burning issues.

Kee Hian put it right that although Sarawak has its unique economic potentials which may be different from that of other states, fundamentally this eastern state in Malaysia treads along the growth trend of the nation. Simply put, Sarawak moves in tandem with the nation economically.

Kee Hian started off the topic by giving a health check on the growth and developments of Sarawak. He then formulated a hypothesis on the possible outlooks and the key factors influencing the outcome. Finally, Mr. Tan expounded on how christians can transform Sarawak through commitment in involvement.
The picture shows the Masland Methodist Church. Photo: Wong Meng Lei

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