Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Warm Meet Of Old Buddies

It was an exhilarating meet for Rev. Ting Lieng Tung and Mr. Tie King Hieng. They have been buddies since their school days in Sibu. King Hieng told he still cherishes the old days when they blahed over a plate of kampua.

Rev. Ting presently resides in Canada. He is now in Sibu for a sojourn, meeting up some old friends and recollecting the fading footprints.

Months before Rev. Ting flew back, he called me up to make arrangement for hotel accommodation. It was wonderful to be able to render hospitality to the faithful pastor.

Mr. Tie King Hieng was a senior teacher teaching Additional Maths. during my school days at Chung Cheng Secondary School. His missus Mdm. Ting Siew Chai taught me for one year in Geography and English when I was in Form Two. Both are respectable in the field of education.

We grabbed hold of the opportunity to pose for a group photo. L to R: Mr. Tie King Hieng, Mdm. Ting Siew Chai, Mrs Ting, Rev. Ting Lieng Tung, me.

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