Friday, April 3, 2009

Batang Ai By-Election - Bloggers At The Forefront

The whole Batang Ai is like a pot of boiling curry - it is sizzling hot and all minds are curious to get the latest updates of the drumbeat there, hoping to stay tuned in to the changing circumstances.

In short, Batang Ai is a hot spot now!

Besides a contingent of reporters from the local media groups, some committed bloggers are at the forefront to give first-hand news of the hotly contested seat.

Steve, Philip and the broken shield are the notable ones with their feet set on Batang Ai to give their readers a feel of the election fever.

Give them a big thumb up for a job well done!

The photo shows an interview session with DSAI by a freelance foreign journalist. In the middle is YB Dominique Ng. (Photo: Steve Ling)


Just a Little Kindness said...

I believe in spreading kindness....political elections have become more and more nasty and cruel.
Are we not in the same family of mankind?

Anonymous said...

uh. really like this style.