Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stock Markets Worldwide - Bear Or Bull?

The rally of the stock markets worldwide led to the popular belief that the bull is back and the economic outlook is optimistic.

But the views on the stock rallying are seriously diverged, making investors helplessly directionless.

Heiko Seibel, a leading German stock strategist, believes the recent rally in equity markets is soon to give way to a gut-wrenching collapse that will push equities to shocking new lows, with gold prices reacting by rallying to new highs. Heiko Seibel correctly anticupated the timing and extent of the March 9th to April 3rd market rally. His latest dire warning is, therefore, noteworthy.

However, Ken Fisher, Fisher Investments CEO, views the rally differently. The stock rally is too big to be a bear! In his interview with Bloomberg, Ken Fisher commented," Stocks are cheaper compared to long-term rates than they have been in anyone's life".

The scenario now is one of the most difficult times I have faced, honestly!

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Jess said...

My six sense, some top guy in the world is influencing the market just to sapu enough fund for them to turn on their so call economy recovery plan.

In fact, there is nothing fundamental to support recent gain.