Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Power of Media & Information

Left to right: Steve Ling, Tiong Huat (in his yellow T-shirt which is now his trade mark) and Yong Sun.
Meng Lei (left) and Tiong Kii (right).

Hii Tiong Huat believes strongly that the opposition parties' papers worked wonder in the last general election which saw a dramatic change in the political landscape of Malaysia, commonly referred to as political tsunami.
DAP, PKR and PAS were believed to have penetrated extensively into all sectors through their party papers which brought the shady sides to light.
As such, Tiong Huat has been promoting the opposition papers vigorously in Sibu, hoping to enlighten a wider public.
At Ah Chiong's wedding lunch reception at Blue Splendour Restaurant on March 21 , we met Tiong Huat who was there on table -t0-table hawking video clips of the public debate between YB Dato' Tiong and David Wong.
The media and information are breeding a generation with maturity in thinking politically.

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