Monday, March 9, 2009

Sarawakiana And Yan With The Tea Gang

Today is Prophet Muhamad's birthday and it is a public holiday in Malaysia. We are mostly off for a break, stealing some precious moments away for some personal pursuits. I thought the gang meet would be called off similarly.

But a text from Meng Lei pulled the gang together for a tea on this public holiday. It was perfectly nothing unusual, but little did I know that the host was actually expecting a guest - somebody I have read about and heard of, but never met in person.

And it was none other than Changyi, a popular blogger and writer who is enthusiastic in the history of Sibu Foochow. A retired teacher, Changyi's zeal extends beyond writing about Sibu Foochow. She blogs wonderfully about the oldies - those past age things that I still cherish so much. Wow! At times, I can't resist to dwell in memories reading her posts.

Coming together with Changyi was Yan, a stronglady with The Borneo Post, a local popular English daily. Yan has been keeping fit pretty well - she doesn't look her age at all. Her blogging zeal is equally admirable - she maintains well two blogs, one in English and another in Mandarin.

When Meng Lei proposed a lard-laced kampua at a well-known coffeeshop on the following morning, Yan was fast to put it on hold first, saying " let me add on a few extra rounds of jogging first before we come to it". Wah, there is little wonder that she is getting fitter!

We posed for a group photo with the two guests ( Changyi, seating second from left ; yan, standing fifth from left).

(Photo: Liong)


Yan said...

Hi, Tony,

That is Level 3 reporting - the highest level!

Thanks for the kind words. But I did not know that it was raining outside and I could not make for rounds at the Stadium. Or we would have stayed on a little longer.

And for sure, the lard-ladden kampua is a definite no-no this morning.

Tony Hii said...

Ha, you sould be an inspiration to most of us. Keep up your good efforts!

sarawakiana said...

Hi Tony,
Finally I had a chance to meet you. The honour is all mine.
And it was a great honour to meet up with the rest of the tea gang. I am very touched.
Like Phyllis I would like to say thanks for the kind words too.
Ai ya - I have a lard-laden kampua story to tell.

Tony Hii said...

sarawakiana, please share it with us.