Sunday, March 8, 2009

Batang Ai By-Election - There Are Strong Undercurrents In This By-Election

If all parties ngajat according to the drumbeat, then BN is almost certain to be represented by PRS. On PR side, PKR is at the forefront to call shot and the party is more likely than not to represent opposition front.

But contestants are keen within both PRS and PKR. This is typical in most of the other political parties. However, in Batang Ai, both PRS and PKR are more fractionally divided as far as candidates are concerned. This means in the coming by-election, disgruntled members may pose threat to the respective parties in back-pulling.

There is already buzz all over in PRS over the nomination. PKR, on the other hand, is facing a nasty twist by SNAP in fighting for the party to stand in the by-election.

The leaders of both parties would have to be astute enough to resolve the clamor. Otherwise the impact would be quite unpleasant!

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