Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Perak - Now In a State of Ruckus

Members of an opposition coalition are seen attending an emergency session of the state parliament under a tree in a parking lot in Ipoh, Perak.
Ousted MB of Malaysia's Perak, Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin is seen at the emergency session.

It is now damned messy in Perak!
If you ask me who is now the legitimate MB of Perak, I have to ask for your pardon - I am really caught in an utterly confused state.
This morning, the emergency assembly sitting was held under a tree on the car park of the assembly building. Why? The reason is simple enough - the whole assembly building was condomed off by the BN-controlled government machinery.
One of the resolutions passed was to dissolve the assembly. With that, Nizar is now seeking the audience of the Sultan.
You really need to have a clear mind and a balanced thinking to follow up with the saga in Perak!
Riot police block members of an opposition coalition from entering Perak's assembly building.


Daniel said...

Najib needs to make sure he does not lose Perak.Losing Perak is a small price to pay for blocking Najib from becoming Prime Minister.
I hope Pak Lah stays on as PM.
What say you Tony?

Tony Hii said...

But the wind is not quite blowing on Pak Lah's side. In other words, the present political reality is a bit harsh on the PM. Whoever is at the helm, he has to face the awakening Malaysians!