Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ing Chiong & Eian Ling - They Sealed The Note This Afternoon

They posed for a group photo after the solemn registration ceremony. From left to right: the registrar, Ah Chiong, Eian Ling, Tiong Kii and Meng Lei.
With overwhelming joy, Ah Chiong affixed his golden signature on the form. What other moments in your life could be greater than walking this memory lane with your loved one? Eian Ling's sweet-laced smiles tell it all!

Teng Ing Chiong and Ting Eian Ling are faithful members of our tea gang.
They have been steady for quite a while, coming and leaving side by side. Ever since they started their courtship, I have failed to recall a single occasion when Ah Chiong came to our Monday meet single-handedly (meaning without Eian Ling). Wow! They really dragged me into the memories of those days when I courted Yian.
Then snippets of them going to get their note sealed came to the gang members. Inwardly I wished them all the best.
Both Ah Chiong and Eian Ling have cheerful characters. They have been more than generous to beam, and their smiles are really contagious.
This afternoon, they concluded their courtship with their golden signatures on the marriage registration form to seal their eternal matrimony. Meng Lei and Tiong Kii have the great honour to attest their signatures on this holy occasion. My tight schedule did not allow me to be on the spot to share their joy.
Ah Chiong and Eian Ling, you have our best wishes! Cheers!
.....and now they are knotted together. Look, they really make a wonderful match!
(Photos: Steve Ling)


Daniel said...

Can I join your tea gang also?

sarawakiana said...

Through Tony..Steve can I borrow your photo showing Meng Lei wearing a necktie?

Tony Hii said...

You are always welcome!

Anonymous said...

They are all over Sibu blogs. Are they very well known people in town? If not, they now became very well known

Tony Hii said...

Err,you may say so.