Saturday, March 14, 2009

MAF of Sibu East District - Culinary Delights

Liong Ung shared with us the delicious pig leg soup with dried cuttlefish (du ka men yu). This authentic Foochow food is a must! Leng Kieh was very much tempted by the delicacy.
Huat Mee and Yien Leh spoke highly of the evening.

It was all thumbs up - Tieng Ching, Mui Chiew and Soon Siong found the delectable dishes irresistibly good.

Good things are for sharing - Ing Moi served us with diligence.

It was too good to say "no".

Bean sprouts with egg - I couldn't help to go for second helping.

Pumpkin kueh - a snack you must tru out.

Home-made pizza

Ing Moi sliced it for sharing.

We gathered in the name of our Lord.

The evening was filled with praises to God!

A moment of mingling around.

Leng Kieh gave a harmonica performance.

What else could be more enticing than dipping your fingers into a delectable dish?
We made a wonderful visitation to MAF of Shiuan Daw Methodist Church on March 13 to share with them the love of God. When we set our feet on this trip, we had had much to look forward to.
MAF of Shiuan Daw Methodist Church gathered with a difference this evening. They put their hands together to come out with delights for sharing and called the evening "Culinary Delights". It sounded innovative and attractive.
The fellowship gathering was filled with lots of sharing of God's love, delicacies and culinary skills. One of the highlights of the evening was a demonstration on home-making of pizza by Tie Ing Moi. She gave it away generously - her recipe, live demonstration and contact number. Gee, Ing Moi was so very thoughtful - the phone contact was meant for those who may need someone to turn to when running into hiccups in pizza-making.
"Culinary Delights" came more than just in name - we were treated to delicacies of great taste after the gathering. It was a marvellous time of sampling the tempting dishes and mingling aroud and rubbing shoulders.
Dishes like pig leg soup with dried cuttlefish, pizza and bean sprouts with egg whetted our appetite and filled the air with wow!
The evening simply slipped away amidst praises and laughters. As the saying put it so perfectly right : All good things have to come to an end! Much as we wished to hold back the good moments a little longer, we couldn"t and had to call it a day!


sarawakiana said...
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sarawakiana said...

Sorry I made a slight mistake so had to delete the comment. Here's one:

The dishes look so attractive! And the pizza is particularly great.

It is good to have adult fellowship. Keep the fire of neighbourliness going!!

God bless.

Tony Hii said...

sarawakiana, thank you for the comments.