Friday, March 13, 2009

Batang Ai By-Election - SNAP Stands Firm On Contesting

As at the date of this post, both fronts have yet to thrash out the sticky candidate issue. It keeps the supporters and political watchers in suspense.

Dato Sri Dr. James Jemut Masing of PRS sounded confident that the party's nominee would cross the hurdle of State BN.

PR, on the other hand, is on a bleaker outlook. While PKR is quite definite to run the race, SNAP came in with a twist.

Today, it came out in Sin Chew Daily that SNAP would not give up easily. Johnny Wong made it clear that the party stood firm to take on the by-election.

This caused a stir to the scene, making the opposition front seem to dwell on factional conflict.

Johnny Wong, Vice-President of SNAP, spoke with no uncertain term that the constituency was the stronghold of the party and SNAP would not let go the seat freely.

The fight for the seat would be tabled for deliberation during the SNAP's Central Executive Committee meeting scheduled on March 21.

"We have to sit down with DSAI to thrash it out for the good of PR", Johnny Wong told me over the phone this afternoon.

As I said earlier, SNAP is striking a deal with the opposition strongman.

(Photo: Steve Ling)


sarawakiana said...

I think the sign should read : Indonesia (arrow) and Malaysia/Sarawak (arrow).

or names of towns above and below.

Tony Hii said...

You have a good point here.