Thursday, March 26, 2009

Business Trip To Kuching (Part 6)

After checking in at Hotel Grand Continental Kuching, we could not afford to settle down for a rest. Straightaway we set out to our serious business.
Again, our driver Raymond is not at all versed in the ways of Kuching. Such being the case, we really had a donkey-work to look up for all the places. Despite all the vain rounds of driving, we had had a fun time experiencing all the uneasiness on the way.
After an exhausting day, we planned for a more relaxing evening. After taking a toss, we settled on tHE Spring for our dinner.
Night driving in Kuching proved to be much worse than wild-goose chasing for Raymond. We were like in a maze, completely, driving around heading to nowhere. Raymond said he got lost in the course of driving. Eventually Tiong called her friend to come to our rescue with a helpful guide to tHE spring and later on back to the hotel.
Hotel Grand Continental Kuching is a plush hotel located at Jalan Ban Hock. Rated 4-star, HGCK is affordable in pricing. We have been working on a smart partnership with the hotel for years and it has been proven to be mutually beneficial.
One thing admirable about Hotel Grand Continental Kuching is its relentless efforts in promoting environment conservation. The above photo shows its notice to guests on environment-friendly water usage.

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