Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Business Trip To Kuching (Part 5)

Chillipeppers is just two rows of shophouses away from Hotel Grand Continental Kuching. This eatery serves mainly oriental delicacies with a wide array of menu selections.

Chillipeppers is not air-conditioned, presumably to give a tropical touch and to make it a place of difference. One section of it is partitioned off and equipped with air-conditioning facility for those who opt for cooler environment. I believe there is surcharge imposed for greater comfort.

On arrival, we noticed that the business was brisk. We had to take a just-vacated table, with no luxury for us to go for one of our choice.

The pricing in Chillipeppers is not steep. It falls in the range between coffeeshop and cafeteria, making it affordable to a wider public.

I placed orders for kung pao fish rice and teh tarik. The beverage came out just right in aroma and taste. The portioning for kung pao fish rice was below my expectation. Tastewise, I gave it a thumb up.

We had a satisfying meal at this bustling eatery. Thereafter, we proceeded to check in to Hotel Grand Continental Kuching.


sarawakiana said...

There are many new trends in food outlets now. First we have KFC and Pizza Hut..and now we have Chilipeppers..what will whet our grandchildren's apetite in the future?
What future trends will come up?
Once in a while I still look for the old coffee shop with good service.
I think the most important criteria is still the old familiar feeling and good warm service!!

Tony Hii said...

sarawakiana, you should try Old Town Kopitiam in KL when you are there.

Philip said...

Chillipeppers has another outlet at King Centre. The owner is a Mr. Lu, originally from Bintangor.Business is good and most of the patrons are Malay.

Tony Hii said...

Philip, thank you for the information.