Sunday, March 22, 2009

Business Trip To Kuching (Part 3)

When driving past the fork leading to Lubok Antu, I developed an urge to pop over to the small town which is now in the limelight. The upcoming by-election has drawn in heavyweight like DSAI to drum up support for the opposition front.
But, after taking a look at the sign on the roadside, I decided to give up the idea as Lubok Antu is located 38 km away from the Kuching-Miri Highway. Dropping in for some coffee and feverish feel of the sizzling hot by-election would disrupt my itineary.
Moving on from there was another hour of drive before reaching Lachau where we made a brief stop-over for some much-needed coffee.
Lachau comprises of three rows of shophouses in L-shape. This small marketplace serves mainly the needs of the nearby natives and the travellers passing by.
We went to one of the two coffeeshops there for a break. The coffee came out below my expectation, hardly with the aroma any coffee lovers would crave for. But, coming to think of it, I shouldn't be so demanding of a small place like Lachau.
After refreshing, we took a short stroll along the five-foot way where local produce was displayed for sale.


Superman said...

Did you stop at the coffee shop just beside the grocery shop that you took the photo? The Bau is nice over there.

Tony Hii said...

You are right. But I took coffee only. Next time I will try the bau.