Monday, March 23, 2009

Batang Ai By-Election - PR Stands United To Fend Off BN

PKR, DAP and SNAP stand united now to fend off BN in the upcoming by-election. The de facto leader of PKR DSAI flew in the state with much flamboyance to annouce the candidate on the weekend.

SNAP at its CEC meeting resolved to part with the seat. This ended all the speculations about a probable infighting in PR over fielding of candidate. There was a sigh of relief in the market after SNAP decided to give way to PKR.

The state PR, albeit unofficially formed, vowed to work hand in hand to fight a winning battle in the by-election.

My estimation of the fight remains 50:50 between BN and PR.


长竹 said...

不关Batang Ai竞巽的事!

Tony Hii said...

Thank you for all the efforts. The stall that I patronised also serves kolo mee.