Friday, March 6, 2009

Batang Ai By-Election - The Campaign Is Going To Be Taxing

Batang Ai is remotely located where infrastructure is very lacking. Even the very basic modern amenity like telecommunication is not freely available. As such, it is anticipated that the groundwork for the coming by-election campaign is going to be taxing, posing tough challenges to the contesting fronts.
The constraints in this widely spread out constituency are basically on accommodation, telecommunication and transport.
In Lubok Antu, accommodation facility is grossly insufficient to take the influx of the campaign support personnel. PKR was fast enough to take up the whole of the only hotel there.
What is more, telecommunication coverage there is limited to Lubok Antu town area only. This makes the ground level communication extremely handicapped.
Rivers constitute the chief medium of transport in this inland area. PR and BN have to grab hold of the long-boats there in order to gain access to the interiors.

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