Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rev. Tie King Tai - The Kind of Worshippers The Father Seeks

I missed Rev. Tie King Tai's sermons on two Sundays at Methodist Masland Church whilst away on worldly matters last year.

Rev. Tie's messages are well organised and he is concisely explicit in his exposition of biblical points. That makes his sermons enlightening.

This morning, Rev. King Tai was again invited to preach at Methodist Masland Church on "The Kind of Worshippers The Father Seeks".

Quoting John 4:20-24, Rev. Tie, who is now Methodist Theological School's principal, defined the purpose of worship as "not seeking to receive, but endeavouring to give to God".

"Worship God with spirit and truth. Uphold the truth in your daily lifestyle, both in private and public", Rev. Tie called on the congregation.

As leaders, you have to live a holy life. Your morality is not confined to your public lifestyle - your private style of living is equally important.

Rev. King Tai's message this morning was relevantly good.
The photo shows Rev. Dr. Tie King Tai. (Photo: )

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