Saturday, February 21, 2009

Anwar In Sarawak Today - Over The Seat Allocations

DSAI flew in today to reconcile the stand-off between PKR and DAP over seat allocations in the thorny Chinese-majority constituencies in Sarawak.
The State DAP has been adamant on contesting all the Chinese-dominant areas. The State PKR, on the other hand, would like a deal to be reached.
With the footsteps of the next state elections getting louder, it is time for the charismatic Anwar to straighten out the deadlock.
DSAI looks confident!

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Daniel said...

Sarawak DAP under Wong Ho Leng's leadership is a failure.Wong Ho Leng himself is a hypocrite.He only attacks Robert Lau Hoi Chew...but not Tiong Thai King over BN's policy.Well,we all know that he got some business dealings with MP Tiong's company.I believe that even with a 3 corner fight between SUPP,PKR and DAP at Chinese majority constituencies,DAP will still finish last.The ground sentiment in Sibu tells me that people are getting very frustrated/impatient with BN government over their handling in the flood issues,whereas Sarawak DAP under Wong Ho Leng are nothing but just talk no action party same as SUPP.It's time we give PKR a chance to bring reform to Sarawak.By the way,how is Taib?I heard that his testicular cancer is beyond cure.His days are numbered.