Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dubling Unting Ingkot's Death - Now Is PKR Versus PRS

The death of Batang Ai assemblyman Dubling Unting Ingkot has stirred up the otherwise tranquil political scene in Sarawak. All heads have turned to this eastern state as a battleground has now been set for PR to test its viability in this dominantly BN environment.

Some called it an acid test for PKR (the likely PR component party to fight against BN).

I agree wholeheartedly with the commentator and the most apt term that he used.

DSAI has been on high profile lately making inroads into Sarawak since the state is on the run-up to the next state elections. Sarawak is a must for PR in its race to Putra Jaya.

One thorny issue for the upcoming by-election in Batang Ai is the NCR land. This sticky issue would definitely be hotly propagated.

Let's wait and see!

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