Monday, January 5, 2009

Sii Tuong Ing - A Zeal-driven Notes Collector

Notes as a collector's item are more for personal interest than for pecuniary gains.
But Sii Tuong Ing is by any standard a zealot (quoting his own word) in notes collection. He has in his collection a total of 503 notes from 186 nations, all in his safe-keeping sheerly for personal satisfaction. It is a treasure to Tuong Ing, but to most others the notes are of little value since they are not tradable in our market.
I met Tuong Ing face to face in Meng Lei's office at this afternoon's tea session. He generously shared with us his zeal for notes. More than that, he told us over the year, he built up a sizable databank on global currencies. I held the printout in hand and couldn't help to feel amazed.
Tuong Ing picked up this noble interest about a year ago when he was in Cambodia where he came across numerous street money-changers. The diverse notes on display for exchange-trading aroused his interest to the extent that he grew somewhat frenzied in notes.
Tuong Ing was absolutely computer-illiterate before he set his hands on notes. He was zeal-driven to take up forced-learning in order to gain access to the sea of information on the web. After one full year of relentless research using computer, so much so that his right palm has been left with a callus, you may safely call him a semi-expert in global notes.
Tuong Ing's ambition is to publish his compiled work for sharing. Let's give him our moral support!


Anonymous said...

for stamp collectors, notes collectors, etc., please beware of the so many thieves around.

Tony Hii said...

Hi, thank you for dropping by. Not only thieves, nowadays scammers abound in Malaysia.