Sunday, January 4, 2009

SCAC Fellowships - A Brainstorming Session

Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference organised a brainstorming session on Jan. 3 at Premier Hotel, Sibu for all its fellowships at the take-off of the year to provide a time for some critical thinking.
The session was split into two halves, with the first devoted to the exposition on the theme of SCAC , and the second given to the critical review on the present mode of fellowship gathering.
Rev. Dr. Su Chi Ang, president of SCAC, took up the first half with explicit clarity on SCAC's theme and the modus operandi towards achieving the laid0down goals.
The modus operandi is clearly defined in a broad outline known as 168 which stands for one (1) theme, six (6) functions and eight (8) areas of work, all set to gear towards building a holy church in the next four years.
According to the president, the theme for the Methodist Church in Malaysia in the next 4 years is "Spreading Scriptural Holiness, Transforming The Nation" .
The clear exposition by Rev. Dr. Su on the topic was both enlightening and helpful to the participants. I was engrossed in the systematic way our president dealt with it.
Rev. Kiu truly brainstormed the fellowshippers with his questionaire. Essentially it was intended to lead the participants to more critical thinking in their respective toles in the fellowships. We were then split into smaller groups for some head-cracking to come out with feedback.
The questionaire was directed to the core of the fellowships' needs. But the break-up discussions seemed to hit not quite on the heads of the nails. But nontheless encouraging efforts were put in by the participants.
The session ended with a group photo taking.


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