Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sibu - Obnoxious Floods, Eerie Silence

The public outcry over the flood attacks this time seems to have been silenced!

Our media had done a commendable job in reporting the flood conditions during the hit period. The journalists took themselves to the deep-flooded areas to cover the front-line news. Some bloggers also ventured there to give their readers a firsthand coverage, notable among them were Philip Hii , Wong Meng Lei and Steve Ling.

But the media has been on unusually low profile on public voice. The silence is pretty eerie and it is worrying. Other than YB Wong Ho Leng with his trouser legs rolled up in the knee-deep flood calling on the authority to check on the deficiency of our drainage system, the media had generally kept mum on public feelings. I hope I have been mistaken.

Has the media's tongue been sealed on this havoc? The blowing wind in Sibu carries fishy smell and it makes Sibuians nauseous!

The picture shows the hardest hit zone - Jalan Ulu Sg. Merah. (Photo: Philip Hii)


Daniel said...

I have long boycott Malaysia's media.They are all government's running dogs.Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian are owned by UMNO.The Star is controlled by MCA.So they are all pro-government.
I rather rely on alternative media such as CNN or Malaysia Today as they carry much more accurate reports.
Tony,you haven't tell me your prediction on the outcome of KT by election.

Tony Hii said...

KT is predominantly a Malay constitutency. Judging from the previous voting and after taking into due consideration of the aftermath of the climatic change politically, Malay votes are divided on 50:50 basis. The few hundred Chinese votes have thus become the "king makers", meaning their swing would decide the fortune of the two fronts. Whilst PAS stands firm on Islamic law, DAP comes in with strong rejection of Hudud law to neutralise the tension. KT is therefore a razor-narrow fight, with the tip on the scales tilting slightly towards PR. I may be wrong!

Anonymous said...

amazing! all sibu bloggers put up the flooding photos the other day

Tony Hii said...

Give them a loud "Hip, hip, hurray"! Thank you for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

hi, Pas candidate will win by majority of about 3000, BN now is threatening civil servant to vote them. This may have reverse effect which i think the majority will be higher.
In Sarawak, i think SUPP will have same fate as Gerak in Peninsula.

Tony Hii said...

anonymous, you are right.