Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Life Line Band - Wow! They Are Marvellous!

Philip having a good time directing the band members.

A shot in our games room - The Life Line Band vowed to do their best!

A free pose - Joan, Tel, Junjie and Ching (L to R).

Need Li shares with the artistes the attractive shots.

The band's debut performance at Bamboo House of Premier Hotel,Sibu last night received a rousing reception and this was a pat on the artistes' backs. Joan Tel, Junjie and Ching beamed when they shared with us their maiden show in Sibu.
Again, I called in Need Li and Philip to photoshoot the artistes for publicity purpose. It was such a fun time with Philip and Need Li having to coach them to do posing
Need Li and Philip teamed up a smart partnership for the shooting session. Their superb skills are admirable and their works are artistic and beautiful.
The picture shows them in action.

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