Saturday, January 17, 2009

News Release - In Press And Blogsphere

A sampling time-You have to try out to find out!
It was a meet for bloggers also!

A photoshooting session - Andy Chua of Eastern Times (on the extreme right) is a veteran journalist.

Victor Kiu (on the extreme left) was spotted shooting.

Blogsphere is popping out to be a medium increasingly gaining popularity for promotional activities. In West Malaysia, bloggers are making inroad into commercial world of advertisements to gain a foothold. This trend is likely to gather momentum in time to come.
The idea came from Philip Hii about three months back. I tried it out this morning with our publicity release on our new band "The Life Line Band" and our food promotions.
Besides the mainstream news media, I also called in some popular local bloggers to cover the session. It worked out qyite well for the first try-out.
Philip Hii ( ), Steve Ling ( ) and Victor Kiu ( ) are obliging enough to turn up for both a meet and a session of promotions.
The morning was more than just getting down serious on foods and artistes - the occasion proved to be an excellent time for the few bloggers and reporters to rub shoulders and chat over foods and drinks. It was a sort of mini bloggers' meet!
Our hotel is promoting several food items at both cafe Palmelia and Bamboo House to entice customers. To whet their appetite, we seek to blend quality, creativity and tastes into one to come out with delectable delicacies. From claypot to seafood galore, you stand a good chance to have your taste buds tickled and mouth watering.
You don't have have to be a gourmet to appreciate all the promoted dishes. Come and dip your fingers in to find out!
Nicholas Lo (right) of The Borneo Post has never failed us.


sarawakiana said...

Tony - you have a great idea there.
Usually hotels and many food outlets get free advertisements from bloggers!!
Hotels seldom realise that (the free advertising and the impact of blogging).
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I could not make it. Rubberseeds informed me but I wasn't free at that particular time. Lucky thing I didn't go - all those professional photographers with all their sophisticated equipment. Will drop by to try your new dishes one of these days.

Hardy said...

Wah... missed all the foods :) Rubberseeds did inform me but I can't make it. :(

Tony Hii said...

Hi, sarawakiana, thank you for sharing the idea. In time to come, the outlets may not be so lucky get it free from bloggers.

STP, thank you for your comment. We can meet on another occasion. Please come and try out the promotions.

Hardy, thank you for commenting. Try to make it next time!

Anonymous said...

I think hotels in Sibu should come out with dishes with special local favour. I booked rooms for the guests at RH and another hotel in Sibu before, and it was quite disappointing to see that breakfast was the same as those hotels in KL. After the guests have been eating a few days in KL, they got fed up with the taste. We have to go out and look for local breakfast taste for them.

Tony Hii said...

Hotels have to cater for both local and international guests. As such, cuisine has to be wide enough to suit their respective tastes. For oriental cooking, we have been as local as we possibly can to let them feel like in Sibu. Thank you for your constructive suggestions.

victor said...

Thanks for the food Tony Hii. I am honored to be invited.

Tony Hii said...

Victor, you have a wonderful post in your blog on the promotions. Thank you for your efforts.