Sunday, January 18, 2009

After KT, All Eyes Are Now On Sarawak

With the KT bi-election over and the winner going to Mohd Abdul Wahid from PAS, the dust is settled for the time being. But the grand finale is far from over!
It is certainly time now for BN to reflect on the implications of KT's defeat. What actually had gone wrong? You may have one hundred and one logical explanations for the downfall, but none of them speaks louder than the votes!
Increasingly Malaysians have let their sacred votes to voice out for them. The political tsunami on March 8, 2008 and a few bi-elections thereafter had testified to it.
Our DPM Najib put it rightly after KT was proclaimed lost,"We accept that the people's voice is supreme." We hope BN would lend more listening ears to the rakyat.
After KT, the limelight of Malaysian political scenario is inevitably set on Sarawak. With the state election due to be held in less than two years, Sarawak has become a battlefield of supreme importance to PR in realising the "sky-change" dream.
You can't afford not to follow up the news!

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