Friday, January 2, 2009

Flip Wall Calendars - They Are No Longer For Free Now

This sort of 8" x 6" flip wall calendars are no longer for free now as they used to be. Printing cost has escalated to the extent they have been removed from the freebie list.

I used to get it as a gift item. But since last year, I had to fork out to buy it from stationery shop.

Towards the latter part of December 2008, the market ran out of this type of flip wall calendars.

Are they now a hot item? I asked one stationery shop owner.

Not at all - we merely kept much less stck for fear of getting stuck with them, he gave a gloomy reply.

That reflected the present business confidence.


长竹 said...


Tony Hii said...

Prof. Milton Friedman said it right 40 years ago.

长竹 said...


Tony Hii said...

The golden mantra "There is no such thing as free lunch" came out from Prof. Milton Friedman about 40 years ago. This great monetary economist was absolutely right, even in the context of modern days. I hope I have answered your question.