Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cheers With Teh Tarik

Our gang finally settled down for a refreshing moment in Cafe Palmelia where both oriental and international cuisine is served. By the way, Cafe Palmelia is a plush cosy corner and well-decorated eatery at Premier Hotel that offers guests an idyllic view of scenic Sibu and its traffic.

We opted for teh tarik which is a de facto national drink by virtue of its popularity.

Literally teh tarik is pulled tea. The beverage is now our flagship product enjoying good demand. It is served in a gigantic mug and it comes with a chocolate cookie. With refreshing aroma, creamy taste and a thick frothy top, our teh tarik makes an excellent beverage for you to chat away with friends or laze in a dull afternoon.

Not forgetting the inauguration of the new president on the day in U.S., the gang gave cheers to President Barack Obama and wished him good luck!

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Tony Hii said...

WSP, you are right - the mugs are gigantic. Haha, perhaps that is the way to treat yourself once in a while.