Wednesday, January 21, 2009

At The Top Of Sibu

It was a fun time photoshooting Sibu scenes from a high-rise. Meng Lei initiated it and it was well received by Steve Ling, Liong Khing Ying, Ling Ung Huat and Ting Leng Kieh. I extended my invitation to the gang to ascend to the top of Premier Hotel for a combination of photoshooting and hotel room inspection.

When Barack Obama made it to the top of the global power on Jan. 20 to become the world's most powerful man, we went up to the roof-top of Premier Hotel which commands excellent views of the whole Sibu town and the mighty Rajang River to feel the greatness of height.

It was a hectic half an hour of shooting before we descended to the top floor for a room inspection. I opened up our King's Suite to let them open their eyes to our best room.

Thereafter, we retreated to Cafe Palmelia for our flagship beverage - teh tarik. We chatted over the authentic Malaysian beverage and some luscious cakes before we called it a day.

The photo shows the gang at the great height. (Courtesy: Steve Ling)


Yan said...

Hi, Tony,

Barack Obama - it's only one "R" in Barack. It makes a whole world of difference if it's barrack! LOL

Blessings for the new year to you and yours.

Tony Hii said...

Yan, you are sharp to spot that small "r" which presence is so disrespectful to President Obama. Come and join us when bloggers meet again for food or entertainment-related promotions.

All the best for the Lunar New Year! Cheers!

victor said...

That's a wonderful chance to take photo on the of premier hotel.

Tony Hii said...

Victor, thank you.