Friday, December 5, 2008

SUPP Youth - Sih Hua Tong Versus Joseph Chieng

A clear battlefield has been laid out for the TDC of SUPP, with a distinct line drawn up between Sibu and Kuching.
Following Kuching's Cheng Yi posing a challenge against the incumbent Datin Janet Lau for SUPP Wanita's top post, Joseph Chieng of Sibu Branch yesterday declared his intent to take a step further in his political career by vying for the Central Youth's top post. If the music is played according to the present tune, Joseph Chieng would be on a straight fight with Sih Hua Tong of Batu Lintang Branch.
Joseph Chieng stands a 50% chance of winning, judging from the present situation. Of course, circumstances may change for better or worse in the next few days!

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