Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas 2008 - Farley Supermarket Sibu

Jalan Salim is fast turning into a rapid-growth area. In a matter of a few years, the area is booming, making every inch of land glitter like gold.

Farley Supermarket had set an excellent timing to branch to Sibu at Jalan Salim to tap the market where location is highly strategic.

Farley Supermarket has been doing brisk business. Even after the stiff competitor Sing Kwong Supermarket has posed a tough competition to it, Farley has shown little drop in market share.

Every year Farley Supermarket spares no efforts in lighting up for the season to usher in Christmas. Just make a trip there and you would appreciate their innovation.

The lighted Christmas tree in front of the supermarket is huge in size, sending out glitters to remind shoppers of the season!

(Photo: Steve Ling)


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