Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MAF of Sibu East District - Now Into The Blogsphere!

Ting Leng Kieh is one of the good brethren of Sibu East District!

By the grace of our God, we are again going to serve Him together in MAF of Sibu East District in 2009.

Sometime last week, whilst planning for next year's work over a cup of freshly brewed coffee in Cafe Palmelia, we somehow bumped into the idea of having a blog for MAF of Sibu East District. We deliberated over it a bit further, finally coming to a consensus that the planned blog shall be owned by Leng Kieh for the entire purpose of MAF of Sibu East District.

Last night at the first committee meeting of the fellowship, I raised the creation of a personal blog to be devoted wholly to the district fellowship. It was well received!

This afternoon, I met up with Leng Kieh to go into the blog details, including the basic principles to run it.

At 7:30 this evening, I received a text message from Leng Kieh that the blog had just come out hot from oven! Gee, it sounds pretty exciting.

Praise Lord that MAF of Sibu East District has now a place of its own in the blogsphere!

You may visit the blog at http://www.sibudongcheng.blogspot.com/ .

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