Sunday, December 28, 2008

Care For Environment - SMC's Love Earth Day

Dorcas Service Centre - Donate reusable items to help finance their social work. Guidelines For Making Household Compost & Garbage Enzyme.

Compost - It was such a fun to join in the lucky draw!

Sibu Municipal Council in its relentless efforts to promote a clean and healthy environment in Sibu came out with this care-for-environment project - love Earth Day.
This environment conciousness drive by SMC struck me when I first learned about it - Gee, SMC is getting down-to-earth and green! This is a positive move for Sibu.
Love Earth Day may be just a small step but nontheless it is timely towards upgrading Sibu in environmental awareness. On this note, SMC deserves a pat on the back.
Love Earth Day was extensively publicised to achieve maximum impact. Besides all the press releases, it also handed out book-marks to arouse the interest of the public.
At Hing Hua Memorial Park on Dec. 27, SMC managed to garner a wide private participation in this meaningful project. Included in the particupants' list were Sibu Kidney Foundation, Dorcas Service Centre, Methodust Church etc.
Right from the start, I made it a point to give Love Earth Day my humble support. Yian gathered a total of four bags of reusable clothes for donation.
I popped in with the donation items and felt delighted to have done my part. In return, I was given a lucky draw coupon as a token of appreciation.
At the redemption centre, I drew lot and won a packet of compost for my home-gardening. It was really quite a fun!
SMC, keep it up!


Yan said...

Hi, Tony,

Wishing you and Yieng God's blessings in abundance in the new year. Stay happy and healthy.

Tony Hii said...

Yan thank you for your wishing. May God bless you too!

Bengbeng said...

Happy new year 2009 :)

Tony Hii said...

Hi,bengbeng, how was your holiday? All the best to you and family in the year to come!