Thursday, November 6, 2008

SUPP Is Entangled In Power Struggle

The factious struggle within SUPP took dramatic turns that sent all political watchers pop-eyed. At one time I almost had to balance my thinking to catch up with the new happenings in the party.
No sooner had the rival teams shown to have reconciled than they had begun to sing different tunes again.
Seriously, for Sibu Branch and Dudong Sub-branch to cast aside differences and patch up is easier said than done. When power struggle is involved, personal political interest always prevails.
It is imprudent to let court settle political party disputes. MCA had shown it in 1980s and it was proven to be extremely costly. Ultimately it was the Chinese community that lost all the way out!
In the present party infighting, the team with a bigger muscle to flex would likely end up the winner!
Whether you like it or not, politics is simply such a cruel game!


Anonymous said...

Watch out dow jones indeed. Communist regimes rarely have economic growth. Even China must allow decentralized economic capitalism. While the rest of the world moves away from socialism, the U.S. embraces it. Short the USD, and sing songs to the "Dear Leader".

Tony Hii said...

USD exhibits long-term weakness.